Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Digital Kits

Oh my, I never realized I have so many! I'm working hard on transferring them to my laptop and making sure each folder is imported and tagged with the name of the kit, artist, where I got it, and what each element it (paper, brush, tag, etc). It's taking forever but I think I'll be able to better utilize my "stash" then. I *THINK* I may have 250 kits on my computer, probably more though. And I know I have a few CDs with loads of stuff on it (and I just ordered two more).

I'm just glad that such a large chunk of my "stash" is digital otherwise I'd be drowning in supplies. I admit it, I'm a scrapaholic and a stashaholic. But being creative makes me happy. That and cooking/baking. But then again, that's creative too - just in a different way. Now I need to go be creative in the kitchen... tummies are rumbling. Hmm.... perhaps low sodium sloppy joe's tonight.

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